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Our good reputation as a producer of logistics services is based on our core values:

  • honesty
  • reliability
  • mutual respect and listening
  • appreciation of partners and staff
  • transparency

Ajomestarit – Responsible choice

Ajomestarit Oy is a responsible company that is aware of the environmental impact of the transport sector. We minimise the harmful effects by paying attention to the way we drive, and reduce noise, exhaust and other environmental impacts. Ajomestarit has joined the Energy Performance Contract in the transport sector and the company has been awarded the ISO 14001 certification for its environmental management system.

Lower emission equipment

The goal of the environmental program is to reduce CO2 emissions. We renew the equipment to be more low-emission and fuel-efficient, favour biodiesel and reduce idling. To continuously monitor our goals, we have created a driver-specific electronic reporting system for driving behaviour.

Environmental goals of Ajomestarit

  • Prevent chemicals and oil from entering the environment
  • Reduce the CO2 emissions of transport operations
  • Keep at least the current good level of waste recycling

Environmental goals are related to environmental changes that are wholly or partly the result of our company's operations, products or services, and which we can influence. The environmental goals of Ajomestarit are based on an analysis of the environmental impact of the company's operations.

This is what Ajomestarit is known for


We are a pioneer and responsible player in environmental matters and everyday road safety. We carry out self-monitoring of speeds, for example when passing schools: information about driving speeds are delivered immediately to the driver's mobile and the supervisors.

Since 2014, our company has had a comprehensive system of operation with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications.


We are a reliable, listening and agile operator who knows the customers and their challenges so well that we can together develop both our operations. We strive to establish long and valued partnerships with our customers and cooperation partners.


The quality is based on skillful personnel with the right attitude. It is the responsibility of every employee to carry out their work in the best way possible.


We continuously develop our operations in order to ensure efficient and economically profitable operations as well as the satisfaction of our customers and employees.

Over 50 years of Ajomestarit



Ajomestarit Oy is established when Nokia Oy Ab's paper processing unit wants to order its transport service from a local company.



The company's share capital is transferred to Kuljetusliike Veljekset Tuomola. At the end of the decade, the brothers Tuomola decide to give up the company, which is then bought by two of their employees. At the time, Ajomestarit Oy has 11 employees and seven vehicles.



The recession affects the Finnish economy. However, the confidence of customers and partners carries over the difficult years. At the end of the decade, Ajomestarit grows strongly in the wake of the industry in Tampere Region. At the turn of the millennium, the company already employs 30 drivers.



One of the two owners of Ajomestarit sells their ownership to Pekka Aalto, who continues to develop the operations together with the skilled and experienced personnel.



Two of the employees, Sami Sipilä and Toni Murtoniemi, become shareholders.



Ajomestarit celebrates its 50th anniversary. The company has about 50 employees and modern transport equipment that meets the demand, a well-functioning storage service and a strategy to ensure future competitiveness.



Ajomestarit renews its management system with a project funded by Tekes Liideri. At the end of the project, Pekka Aalto takes over as Chairman of the Board of Directors and on January 1, 2015, Toni Murtoniemi becomes the CEO. The company’s system of operation is certified with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.



Ajomestarit has new owners as Pekka Aalto sells his shares to the company's management.



Ajomestarit starts the VIP car rental services.



Ajomestarit expands to passenger transport and provides a one-stop shop for trade fair transports.



Warehouse services expand. Ajomestarit has 70 employees and a high-quality partner network. COVID-19 affects events logistics.

Ajomestarit concentrates on their core competence. Advanced service at your service!



New premises in use

Turnover expected to be over 10 millions euros

Ajomestarit celebrates its 60th anniversary

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