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The most flexible industrial transports in Tampere Region

Ajomestarit offers transportation and warehousing services, comprehensive transports for trade fairs and events, passenger transport and equipment rental with our crew of about 70 service-minded transport professionals. If required, we can provide a complete logistics package that includes not only transportation and warehousing, but also logistics chain management, maintenance and reporting. We can also make single item express deliveries – whatever your needs are.

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What do we do?

We offer you the entire service chain


Ajomestarit assumes total responsibility for the timely transfer of products in factory logistics, material flow control and efficient and safe storage.


Ajomestarit offers, for example, single item and bulk transport, demountable transports, element transport, container transport, fair and event transports as well as express deliveries in Finland and abroad.

Full service package

In various events, Ajomestarit can take care of the customers, equipment and the exhibition area. We handle product assembly and delivery as well as accurate reporting. Express deliveries are done with immediate departures.


Wheels are rolling


Antti Laakso has been appointed as the Safety Advisor and Fleet Manager for Ajomestarit, while Ari Kivistö has taken the role of Transportation Director.

New premises ready for use

Our third Nokia office was completed in 2023. You can find us at Juhansuonkatu 12 in the Kolmenkulma business area, just one kilometer from the Nokia city centre.

The new premises support the company's operations and provide modern facilities to management, maintenance, and storage.

New employee benefit: bicycle subsidy

In response to our staff's initiative, we have decided to offer a bicycle subsidy. The experiences and the number of purchases have been surprisingly positive.

Electronic systems for real-time monitoring of quality, speed, and driving style

We receive data from the electronic systems for operational development. For instance, in Nokia, near Kankaantaka primary school, a message is sent to the driver's mobile and management if the speed limit of 40 km/h is exceeded.

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Ari Kivistö

Director, Transportation Business​​​​​​​
+358 3 341 0900
+358 40 587 3743

Sami Järvinen

Transport Manager​​​​​​​
+358 3 341 0900
+358 40 548 4377

Jyri Sillanpää

Transport Supervisor​​​​​​​
+358 3 341 0900

Antti Laakso

Fleet Manager, Safety Advisor​​​​​​​
+358 40 572 9308

Mika Hakala

Director, Warehouse and Terminal Operations, Financial Administration​​​​​​​
+358 40 050 5845

Teemu Pihlajamäki

Warehouse Services, Warehouse Manager​​​​​​​
+358 44 064 4574

Juuso Nieminen

Terminal Services, Terminal Manager​​​​​​​
+358 40 770 9635

Sami Sipilä

Named Accounts
+358 40 526 5264

Toni Murtoniemi

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
+358 40 071 8474